Who do you manufacture products for?

Confidentiality is a top priority for our customers, which is why we never disclose who we manufacture for specifically. CBI currently market products for a variety of prestigious companies, including department stores, mass marketers, health food stores, direct manufacturing companies, niche/prestige brand companies, spas, resorts and hotels, as well as smaller start-up companies and individuals.


Do you have non-disclosure agreements with your customers?

Yes, we fully understand the necessity for total confidentiality, and we guarantee the safeguarding of each customer’s formulas and projects. We have non-disclosure agreements in place with all of our current customers and will extend the same courtesy to you for your projects.


What is your Minimum Order quantity for contract manufacturing?

Our minimum order for custom formulations is generally 5,000 units per item. Items that contain custom raw materials or unique packaging may require a larger production quantity.


Can your Research and Development Laboratory make a product that I propose?

Yes, in most cases we can. The amount of research and development time required for each project is different.


How much does it cost for your Research and Development Lab to manufacture samples for me?

It depends. We typically will start the development of a formula prototype once a $500.00 R&D deposit is made. The deposit is then credited to your account at the time an order is placed. If we need to perform long-term research work in the lab, the cost will depend on the complexity of the project and will be determined on a product-by-product basis. Also, we have hundreds of "stock" formulas that may meet your requirements at no charge.


How quickly can you turn around an order?

Initial orders: approximately eight to ten weeks from the time P.O. payment arrangements have been made and from the time all packaging components and raw materials are received at our facility. Re-orders are typically six to eight weeks once all components and materials are received. Please note that our standard lead-time frame depends on supplier delays, size of the job or other events outside of our control.


Can you help me get my product exported?

Yes, we have extensive experience working with regulatory bodies worldwide. In addition, we can help coordinate the necessary documents such as Certificates of Free Sale for the products you want to export, as well as EU Cosmetic Safety Assessments and Cosmetic Notifications for EU and Canada.


Do you allow 3rd party visitors?

Yes. Our facility is an audit friendly site. Inspectors or contractors are allowed access with approval by an officer of our company and once a signed NDA is in place.


Can I provide my own decorated packaging?

Yes. However we require a sample of the packaging prior to filling, to check for compatibility with product, compliance with U.S. Government labeling requirements and to ascertain compatibility with our production equipment.