Credentials - Avocado Body Lotion

Rich avocado oil and sweet almond oil work together in this special moisturizing lotion to alleviate rough, dry skin.

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Credentials - Lip Treatment

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles while plumping lips with this soothing lip treatment.

Credentials - Eye Make-Up Remover

Dual-phase, non-irritating eye make up remover.

Credentials - Collagen-Elastin 14-1 Crème

A deep-penetrating, highly moisturizing crème to tone, tighten, and firm.

Credentials - Azu-Zinc Soothing Masque

Introduce moisture into dehydrated, sensitive or irritated skin with this calming and soothing masque.

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Credentials - Fine Polish Facial Beads

A creamy, natural, gentle exfoliator.

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Credentials - Facial Cleansing Gelèe

A gentle, full-bodied cleansing gelee containing algae extract and a sugar-derived surfectant.

Credentials - Dermaloge Facial Cleanser

A naturally purifying cleanser to help prevent and improve an oily/combination skin.

Credentials - Sugar Sweet Shower Wash

An indulgent bathing experience containing natural, gentle exfoliators.

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Credentials - Azulene Cleansing Lotion

This luxurious, light-weight formulation contains matricaria oil and squalane to cleanse and moisturize dry, sensitive skin.

Credentials - Sugar Smoothie Body Crème

Treat your skin to the deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla, grapefruit and orange.

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Credentials - Glycolic Moisture Masque

Replenish moisture and smooth skin's texture with this excellent exfoliating masque.

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Credentials - Camphor Pore-Minimizing Masque

Unclogs pores of impurities, oils, and debris, reduces inflammation, and smoothes skin texture.

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Credentials - Skin Recovery Crème

A calming and soothing formula providing modest cleansing.

Credentials - Sugar Butter Body Scrub

An effective and moisturizing scrub complete with natural sugar and creamy shea butter.

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Credentials - New Skin Retexturizing Gel

Brighten and rejuvenate dull skin while promoting cell renewal.

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Credentials - Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelèe

Reduces puffiness and helps to nourish and revitalize delicate under eye area.

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Credentials - Olive Dual Cleansing Oil

This purifying cleansing oil effectively removes makeup residue and impurities while conditioning the skin in one simple step.

Credentials - Botanical Bio-Peptide Toner

Boost the efficacy of your skincare routine this anti-aging treatment toner. Utilizing a blend of cell-communicating peptides combined with antioxidants and skin hydrating botanicals to help boost the benefits of serums, masques and moisturizers.

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Credentials - Glycolic Facial Tonic

Extremely clarifying and toning tonic rich in antioxidants.