Professional Private Label

RosaCalm Skin Serum

Helps reduce the appearance of facial redness, even out skin tone, and calm reactive skin.

Rosewater Mineral Toner

A soothing and refreshing, naturally fragrant toner.

Sea Mud Body Masque

A natural clay masque helps detoxify, brighten, and initiate cell rejuvenation.

Seawater Hydrating Mist

A firming and invigorating toner that draws out excessive oil, impurities, and toxins without irritating skin.

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Sensitive Travel Kit

The ideal introduction for sensitive skin.

Shio Doro Detoxifying Body Treatment

Highly detoxifying to enhance microcirculation and release toxins from the skin tissue.

Silk-Amino Moisture Masque

A skin-smoothing masque that visibly brightens, hydrates, and improves overall skin smoothness.

Skin Brightening Gel

A gentle skin brightener ideal for skin types with excess pigmentation.

Skin Recovery Crème

A calming and soothing formula providing modest cleansing.

Soft Collagen Crème Masque

A deep nourishing and skin-softening treatment to restore the skin’s surface moisture.

Soft Grain Scrub

Gentle, enzymatic exfoliation brightens and smoothes complexion.

Special Clay Masque

Naturally purges skin of impurities and excess oil.

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Sugar Butter Body Scrub

An effective and moisturizing scrub complete with natural sugar and creamy shea butter.

Sugar Butter Travel Kit

A travel sized sampler of the Sugar Butter Collection

Sugar Butter Trio

Enjoy the entire collection in a retail ready package.

Sugar Smoothie Body Crème

Treat your skin to the deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla, grapefruit and orange.

Sugar Sweet Shower Wash

An indulgent bathing experience containing natural, gentle exfoliators.

Sunless Tan

This special formulation for the face and body gradually provides a deep, dark, natural-looking tan without sun exposure.

Swiss Collagen Ampoule

Soluble collagen blended with vitamins, amino acids and minerals to hydrate and nourish the skin. Ionizable.

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Therapeutic Buffing Cream

A natural, gentle exfoliant that moisturizes and tones.