Professional Private Label

Sea Mud Body Masque

A natural clay masque helps detoxify, brighten, and initiate cell rejuvenation.

Grape Wine Peel

Deep, yet gentle exfoliation enriched with 4 potent fruit acids to smooth and refine.

Pro-Gel 30 Glycolic Peel

Mildly aggressive exfoliation with soothing and healing agents

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Lactic 40 Peel

Aggressive, yet gentle exfoliator

Pro-Gel 10 Glycolic Peel

10% glycolic acid balanced with 8 calming extracts

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Youth Enhancing Kit

Amino-Lift Peptide Complex, Eyebright Intensive Eye Cr�me, Line Filler, and Lip Treatment

Vital K Ampoule

Designed as an emollient fluid for sensitive, dehydrated, rosacea, or post treatment skin.

Vital C Ampoule

For hyperpigmentation, devitalized or environmentally damaged skin; contains a stabilized 30% vitamin C blend.

Green Tea Leaf Sheet Masque

Professional sheet mask treatment is composed of whole green tea and peppermint leaves compressed into a 100% bio-degradable plant-based mask. Once hydrated with tepid water, the mask adheres to the skin, thus providing highly potent, natural antioxidants to nourish and soothe skin.

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Peptide Powder Peel

Helps to visibly firm and tighten the appearance of the skin while providing unparalleled phyto-antioxidants that boost the skin’s radiance.

Swiss Collagen Ampoule

Soluble collagen blended with vitamins, amino acids and minerals to hydrate and nourish the skin. Ionizable.

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Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule

100% pure hyaluronic acid

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DNA Ampoule

This advanced preparation contains water-soluble DNA which forms a thin protein film over the contour of skin, acting as a “second skin” to soothe and calm skin. Ionizable.

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Papaya Enzyme Peel

A fruitful, naturally enzymatic exfoliator.

Amino-Lift Peptide Complex

This advanced treatment contains five cell-communicating peptides that visibly help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Cherry + Pomegranate Bio-Enzyme Peel 9 oz,

Delicious, skin-refining treatment to help smooth and brighten the skin.

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Sugar Butter Trio

Enjoy the entire collection in a retail ready package.

Decollete+Bust Contouring Crème

Restore this delicate skin with this emollient preparation.

Botanical Bio-Peptide Crème

An intensive crème supplementing the skin with ingredients which combat the negative effects of aging.

Replenish Travel Kit

A travel sized sampler of the Replenish System